Majestic Majeski; Dave Majeski still loves the challenge

He launched the first pitch over the outfield fence and into a distant lake. The coach invited him to a practice in the days that followed and soon offered him a position on her staff.

“I guess I should have known that softball was different—and I’ve come to know that there are some real differences—but I just jumped right in and taught the kids everything I know,” he said. “It didn’t take long for us to start seeing some results, and that’s how I got into it. It was the right place at the right time I guess.”

He spent a few years on the Gator staff before a one-year stint in Memphis. In 2003, he was hired as the head softball coach at Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C. He hit the ground running, leading the team to a 30-16 record in his first season and ushering the team into a jump to NCAA Division I competition.

Armed with his threefold coaching philosophy designed to help his players become better people, learn the game, and raise expectations, Majeski led the team to 21 wins in 2010 and eclipsed that mark with a 28-20-1 record and an overall record of 112-120-1 when he resigned from Presbyterian College at the end of the 2011 season.

Since then, Majeski has switched his focus to his growing business, the Sweet Spot Hitting Facility in Greenville, S.C.

“It’s a lot of work, but there are a lot of kids that want to be good hitters,” he said. “I’m having fun. Where else to you get to act like a two-year-old and kids keep coming back? Life is good. The hours and money are good, but most importantly I get to see my girls play ball.”

With such a storied career, it was no surprise that committee members selected Majeski to be inducted into the Southington Sports Hall of Fame. He will be inducted during a ceremony at the Aqua Turf on Thursday, Nov. 8.

“There are major leaguers, state champions, and people with so many accolades that this is just a really big honor,” he said. “Without sounding cliché, I have some really fond memories of my high school years in Southington. I still come back at least twice a year to visit my friends. It’s an absolute honor to be included in the hall of fame.”

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